Monday, April 21, 2014

Places I've Been ~ The Things I've Seen: Spain

Let the honeymoon begin! 
Helloooo Spain!!! 
Part one of our honeymoon began in Marbella, Spain.
It is absolutely beautiful here!
Shopping in Old Town, walks along the beach front boardwalks,
soaking up the sun under clear blue skies, tapas and drinks at local restaurants... 
everything is perfect!

If you are traveling to Spain, just be aware of siesta
which is from usually from 12-2 pm (sometimes we found 1-3 pm).
Apparently this is common knowledge to many people;
however, since it was our first time traveling to Europe we were unaware 
that nearly EVERYTHING closes for a couple hours in the middle of the day.
To our surprise when we showed up for lunch and some shopping
all of the doors were shut with no signs of when they would return.
We felt a little silly when we found out this is just what Europe does.
But we took their nap time to our advantage,
making it the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures 
of the beautiful scenery and cobble stone streets since no one was around.

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