Thursday, July 3, 2014

Places I've Been ~ The Things I've Seen: New Zealand

Although we visited New Zealand quite a while ago,
I figured I would share some pictures because this is one of my favorite places
I have ever been to!

People always ask whether I liked Australia or New Zealand better...
First of all they are both BEAUTIFUL and would recommend visiting both! 
But when it came down to comparing the areas that we visited 
I would have to say I prefer New Zealand.

Yet that being said, I definitely want to go back to Australia 
and visit other parts because the areas we traveled to were all major cities.
 When we went to Australia, I was surprised how Americanized it was.
There were American restaurants, American TV shows on, 
American stores, American brands everywhere.

Now I know ALL of Australia is not like this... 
thus why I want to go back and visit areas that aren't so big city and touristy.

But when we went to New Zealand it was the complete opposite.
Everything was family owned, little individual stores and 
restaurants that had their own stories. 
People were extremely nice,
constantly recommending local things to try and do.
There were street fairs, bands playing in front of Christchurch,
and every building felt like it had this amazing architecture and history behind hit.
I just loved it!

Flew into Auckland


Traveled on to Christchurch

 Next stop Dunedin

This is truly how green everything was! My eyes had never seen anything so naturally vibrant before.

On to Tauranga
Since Tauranga is the Kiwi Capital we visited some Kiwi farms for a little tasting and tour