Friday, May 30, 2014

Places I've Been ~ The Things I've Seen: Maui

Once again our off season passed by us so quickly.  
It was almost time for us to head back into baseball season, 
but before my hubby had to return back to work, 
we had one last trip before season began!
 First we headed off to the beaches of San Diego, California then 
jumped on a plane to the beautiful island of Maui.

Relaxing, watching the rose gold sunset each night, 
hiking, whale watching, sailing...
 you name it and we probably did it! 
We just had to cram everything in before heading back to reality! 


 First stop.... San Diego 


The view from our balcony.  Perfection.

 Off to Maui

Watching the sunset while sailing

Pink skies

Our hotel view... insane!

The hike begins

Dinner at Mama's Fish House

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Places I've Been ~ The Things I've Seen: The Caribbean

It was time to hop on a plane and say good bye to Gibraltar 
as we headed off to our last stop on our honeymoon.
After a very long flight we finally landed in Florida
where we spent one night before boarding the ship and heading off on a cruise to
The Caribbean! 

We had just spent an amazing week in Spain
 spending most of our time exploring and discovering new places.
Yet the vibe of cruising along the vibrant blue seas of the Caribbean felt completely different.
With all of the planning and food taken care of,
all we had to do was leave the ship once docked and explore,
then re-board and relax as we traveled to our next destination.
Warm waters, relaxing in the white sandy beaches while surrounded by
the electric, tropical green hills...
our final week of honeymooning couldn't have been better.
No stress, no plans, just living in the moment while drinking in
fresh Pina Coladas and warm sun rays.

The view from our room during our pit stop in Florida

Welcome Aboard! Let the cruise begin!